The Beaver Creek Candle Company Story


The Beaver Creek Candle Company focuses on the desire of the developmentally disabled to shine as hard workers who are proud of the products they make and the independence they earn from a paycheck. It brings to life that everyone can do something to help make their dreams come true. Energetic and enthusiastic, the developmentally disabled have a gift for making others happy and are proud to see people enjoying their efforts. Every candle purchase fully supports the inspiring people who crafted our candles. When you purchase our candles, you’ll feel good knowing you are opening a world of opportunity for those who put their hearts and souls into each product.


The Beaver Creek Candle Company is a unique organization because our candles are handcrafted by people with developmental disabilities. Every candle is carefully prepared, packaged, and shipped by people in our workshops under the watchful eye of the Columbiana County Board of Developmental Disabilities. Our consumers take pride and have a sense of ownership in our company.

The Beaver Creek Candle Company is owned and operated by our consumers because 100% of the proceeds go directly to our workers and the operation of our facilities, thereby improving the life of people with developmental disabilities in Columbiana County. We hope you enjoy our candles and we look forward to serving you for years to come.

To ensure customer satisfaction our products are handcrafted following rigid standards to guarantee a high quality, long burning candle that pools evenly and delivers just the right amount of fragrance. When we first started this venture, we only offered a blended vegetable wax candle in a variety of fragrances. We are excited to announce that along with our original candles, we now offer 100% natural soy and specialty candles.